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Hi, my name is Toyin Umesiri. Like you I live the modern, crazy-busy professional life with lots to juggle and so little time for faith. Do you also ask yourself this question "How do I fit God into my busy everyday life"? My vision for The 360° Woman Ministry is to help you put God back where He belongs at the center; the core. I believe that everything else that we do will flow out of our relationship with our creator. 

The 360° Woman Ministry encourages you to take a closer look at your life, evaluate it and reorder wherever you see the need. With tips and resources to help you grow your faith in God; one day at a time, we will support your transformation efforts to live life with Clarity, Purpose & Direction. Leveraging the framework I developed, you will access resources to help you Create your Life Vision -> Map your 360° Pillars -> Commit to Faith.

That's it! So simple. Now let's lock hands together with other women from around the world living The 360° Woman Life

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